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As we walk around, over, and through concrete and metal structures and sidewalks, it’s easy to forget that it took someone with knowledge and experience to put them there. Not only just to construct but to do it in such a way that it remains safe and sturdy throughout the stressors of time and heavy use. 

Prefabricated metal buildings

In the Hickory, Illinois area, we have become a trusted name as the premier concrete and masonry contractors. Our loyal customers can count on the knowledge and experience of our expert team to produce spectacular results every time. We work to earn their trust every time out by always delivering on our promises and making sure we not only meet but surpass their expectations.

Kirby Construction ServicesKirby Construction Services in Conover, NC offers expert construction and installation of concrete and masonry projects including decorative concrete, sidewalks and prefabricated metal buildings.

Kirby Construction


901 6th St SW

Conover, NC 28613

Phone: (828) 465-0667